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no. 12dancing
Thrilby gives up to the beat. I’ll make corny comics until I die.
I’ve been listening to this really good mix all week, along with (Mr) Twin Sister’s new album.
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Here’s a preview of Adventure Time #32, out this Wednesday!  It features ARMS and MEMORIES.
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Illustration for Angie Agency (Paris)
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RIP, Saturday Morning Cartoons
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my neighbors.
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"Parabolic Art Gallery"
16” x 20”
mixed media on masonite
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Danithan of Foxing Quarterly is putting together a really cool looking comics and literary art festival that will happen in Austin TX next year. This shirt design is one of the incentives in the kickstarter. There are also original post it note drawings by me, Alex Schubert, Ryan Cecil Smith, Roman Muradov, yumi sakugawa, Jim Rugg, and Paul Hornschemeier.
Click here to see the kickstarter page
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From Tezuka’s Dororo.
(reads right to left. see the previous page here.)