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Mark Connery

Maybe posted this already…
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some recent flash doodles
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I was looking through old flash files and remembered this background animation loop that was cut short in the final video.
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Scum Mag recently went from being an online literary magazine to successfully launching their first printed zine (themed on blue light discos!). I had the great pleasure of designing the cover AND some rad temporary tattoos. If you grew up in the early naughties, this zine will have you feeling strangely nostalgic, awkward and might just make you relive some memories you thought you’d buried. or head to Sticky Institute. #zine #zines #scum #scummag #sticky #stickyinstitute ❤️
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tired doodles
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Created by Shweta Sanzgiri
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I guess I will reblog this old drawing every October until I hate it too much to even look at it.
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